What does it take to recover a surface?

My father was a dreamer. And about 30 years ago, he made him bigger than him. All he had ever wanted was to move to the country. So after several years of saving money, he and my mom finally found the perfect property. Over the next five years he built our family home where they raised the children and then the grandchildren. However, my father was diagnosed with a terminal illness which interrupted his dream. His health slowly deteriorated until he died last spring. Unfortunately, the acreage also fell into decline along with him. Now, my family and I are attempting to reclaim an acreage and turn it back into a working farm. But it is turning out to be a far greater task than any of us have ever imagined. Clearing the Property Boundaries Driving to the property, it felt like we were facing the insurmountable. The courtyard was overrun, …

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