How to Generate UAN number? – Details information everyone should know

how to generate UAN number
how to generate UAN number

If you are an employee then you must have heard about the UAN, right? Yes, this is now mandatory for everyone. The EPFO (employees provident fund organization) has started an online process through which anyone can generate a UAN (Universal Account Number) by using Aadhaar Card. Still, many people have confusion regarding How to Generate UAN number? Here in this post, I will discuss everything on UAN number and the whole process of it.

This is simply an OTP based process and only the mobile registered Aadhaar holder can self-generate their UAN. If you are not registered your mobile number with your Aadhaar then you can apply for the registration in your nearer Aadhaar branch Office.

After you verify the OTP on your registered mobile the system automatically fetch some basic information regarding the applicant like name and date of birth and will be shown on your screen. After that you only need to verify and submit the form that’s all your UAN number is ready now.

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How to know your UAN?

Most of the people ask me about how to know your UAN? So I think this is the best platform to answer it with details.

You can easily know your UAN via two different ways through employer and Through UAN portal using the Member ID or PF number.

I know you must think about the proper process so no need to worry I am going to simplify for you for the better understanding.

1. Through Employer

Normally you can effortlessly get your UAN number from your employer EPFO details. You can check your salary slip too because many employers mention the UAN number on salary slip.

2. From UAN portal via member ID OR PF number                

If you are not getting your UAN from Employer or salary slip then how to know your UAN? Yes, it’s possible for you to get your UAN from the official UAN portal.

Here is the complete process for it. Just follows these steps properly to get your UAN from the official portal.

Step 1

First of all open the official UAN portal which is

Step 2

Then just click on the “Know your UAN status”. The under given page will open on your screen.

How to know your UAN

Step 3

Here just choose your state, EPFO office from the drop-down menu then just enter your proper PF or member ID with other details name, mobile number, date of birth and at last you have to enter the given captcha code.

You can easily get your PF number from your salary slip. Then enter the Get authorization pin from the tab.

Step 4       

Then just check your mobile inbox you will get a PIN. Just enter the pin and click on Validate OTP that’s all you will get the UAN button.

This is the whole process of know your UAN. Now I need to give information on the benefits of UAN which is important for people who have no knowledge on it so let’s get started

Benefits and special features of UAN 

As we already discussed how to generate UAN number now it’s time to understand the core feature and benefits of UAN number so here are some important points for you.

  • UAN always assist to centralize the employee data in the country
  • Universal Account Number helps a lot during the employee verification
  • You can easily extract your bank details and KYC of the member without the help of the employers.
  • Multiple job switch tracking can be possible of an employee via UAN

Benefits of UAN especially to Employees   

  • You can use your UAN number in any new job for PF account
  • You can effortlessly withdraw your PF online via UAN number
  • Using this UAN number now employee can easily transfer the PF balance from old one to new one.
  • You can easily download the PF statement any time by putting UAN number
  • UAN always ensures the employee that their employer can’t access or withdraw their PF amount in any way.
  • You can easily track or check your deposited amount in your PF account in every month.

I think everything we already discussed regarding UAN! No, still there is a crucial section I missed which is nothing but documents you need to open UAN. So let’s get started with our last part

Essential Documents you should have to open UAN   

If you are going to register your UAN for the first time for your fresh job in any registered firm then you need the under mentioned documents to get your UAN (Unique Account Number)

  • You have to give your Bank account details like account number, branch name, and IFSC code.
  • ID proof is mandatory for UAN application(You can give any national identity like Passport, Driving license, Voter id or Aadhaar card)
  • Current address proof is also mandatory(It can be ration card, lease agreement where your address is clearly mentioned)
  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • ESIC card

Hope you got details information regarding how to generate UAN number, how to know your UAN, its benefits, and documents you need. If you have any confusion regarding this post or any specific information on UAN feels free to question us under the comment section. Thank you!


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